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Institut de beauté Lausanne, ZenSkin

Powder brows -650.-CHF

This fashionable technique was developed in Asia. It consists of powdering your eyebrows to redraw them. This process is suitable for those who have full eyebrows, but who want to obtain a more aesthetic, semi-permanent curve. 

Eyelash lift -150.- CHF

Lash lift allows you to have the doe eyes you've always dreamed of. They will be longer, more supple and curled after a session, even without the use of mascara. They will also be reinforced when growing. 

Eyelash tint - 40.-CHF

Intensify your gaze with eyelash tinting. From root to tip, they will benefit from a more intense color, but still just as natural. Your eyelashes will be coated and thickened, now you won't bother with mascaras. 

Eyebrow tint - 50.-CHF

This dye, performed in our institute, guarantees denser and more visible eyebrows. It is particularly suitable for those who have light or graying eyebrows. These will then find a more intense color and a more accentuated look.

Enhance your look and your face with the services offered by our beauty institute.
We take care of your eyelashes and eyebrows, and specialize in facial hair removal.

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