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The face

All facials start with a skin analysis in order to offer you a tailor-made treatment adapted to each need.


Thanks to state-of-the-art devices, meticulously chosen products and protocols, the results are visible from the first session.

Institut de beauté Lausanne, ZenSkin
traitement peau et regard

Aesthetic peeling -CHF 200.-
in Lausanne

The aesthetic peeling is a treatment based on the ability to cause an exfoliation of the stratum corneum that gradually rises from the basal layer as a result we stimulate cellular regeneration to fight against aging. Each peel has different compositions, which is what helps to treat spots, dull skin and acne as well. For this several sessions are necessary to carry out with an interval of 15 days.   

Microneedling-250.- CHF
in Lausanne

The microneedling technique is ideal for preventing the signs of aging. This treatment stimulates the production of collagen and restores elasticity to your skin. The results are visible from the first session. A radiant complexion, rejuvenated and toned skin, that's what this non-invasive treatment has in store for you. 

Organic Micro-peeling -CHF 100.-
in Lausanne

LaBio-Efficacité Clinique, a peeling of natural origin certified Cosmos Organics by Ecocert Greenlife. It is a real skin detoxifier, an anti-pollutant renovating treatment that is suitable for all skin types.

Debrabrasion - 160.-CHF
in Lausanne

Micro-abrasion using crystals removes dead cells from the stratum corneum. This treatment is painless and the benefits are visible from the first session, you find smooth and radiant skin. This method is also recommended for grainy, greasy skin with imperfections.

Face Sculpting massage - 170.- CHF
in Lausanne

It is an authentic therapeutic face massage which aims to prevent wrinkles. Thanks to precise movements, we act on the deep tissue of the skin. Combined with myo-active facial, sculptural and intra-oral techniques; this allows you to have a visible result from the first session.

Lunch Skin Care 135.- CHF
in Lausanne

If you don't have time for a complete treatment, we offer a suitable formula for our customers in a hurry: the skin care lunch. This offer includes facial cleansing, steaming, blackhead extraction and mask. 

Relaxing - CHF170
in Lausanne

A real facial treatment, it follows a precise protocol which generally includes make-up removal and deep cleansing, exfoliation and followed by a divine massage with essential oils. This will help you relax through intense relaxation combined with a lifting massage and followed by a mask perfectly adapted to your skin. The treatment is completed by a head massage and a hand mask.

´´ An obvious radiance | A younger appearance | An oxygenated and fresh complexion | Intense hydration´´

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